How does this Contest work?

This contest is to win a slot as a writer for an original Candivan show. We will produce the first couple episodes of your show and broadcast it on our site. From there, we might produce additional episodes and seasons. There are several stages this contest will run through to determine which Showrunners we’ll pick up.
First, the submissions stage. This is where you fill out the application, and we will then look at your initial pitch (submissions run from September 18th to October 18th). Hopefully in short order we’ll determine which pitches and Showrunners would work best for us, rounding to around 30. Those then move to…
The Semi-Finals stage. Here we’ll ask for a full video pitch and a sample script of the pilot you’re pitching. From here we narrow the pool down to the 5-10, who move onto…

The Finals stage. Here we’ll do a video interview to determine which show or shows will work best for us.

Be excited!

What are my obligations if I win?

If we select you to be a Candivan showrunner, you/ you and your partner/ you and your team will be responsible for writing the first three episodes of your show. If Candivan voters select your show for renewal, then you write a full season of your show for us (and hopefully even more seasons—don’t leave the fans hanging).
We ask you too as a Showrunner to be a consultant too while the show is being produced. Ideally we find a production crew in your area, but if not, we’ll arrange for a way for you to communicate with the production when needed.
If you are a writer AND a filmmaker (you Tarantino you) or you have access to a film crew, we would love to talk to you about the possibility of you producing or directing this yourself or setting up the production. Win for everyone!

What kind of ideas are you looking for?

We are looking for full length shows. By full length we mean 12-50 minutes per episode and a projected 5-10 episode season.
We look for certain qualities with the show. Candivan shows should be fun, smart, edgy, LOW BUDGET, and has artistic merit. Your interpretation of these things.
Yes, low budget. We are just starting, so we need projects that are as cheap to film as possible. We’re on a shoestring budget at the beginning, so cheaper shows definitely have higher priority.
These should also be live-action shows, meaning no animation or CGI. Unless you have the means to create them yourself.
Oh, and of course, it should be your idea, and you should have full rights to it. Nobody likes lawsuits.

Will Candivan own my idea?

Your idea is your idea. We hope to be the place all the top filmmakers want their shows to be on, but for now, we understand if a big network comes a-knocking, you might want to sell your show to them. No hard feelings. We’re not here to stop you. You will still absolutely be able to sell your show another network (name and all). It’s yours.

However, the deal is for whatever shows of yours we’ve created and for all scripts sent to us, we can use and keep them on our site.

How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

Karma. That and much more importantly, it would do us no good. We NEED you to be our showrunner, so taking your idea without you is against our best interest. Plus, as we hope you’ll find out, we’re good people (who don’t want to get sued).

However, as much as everyone likes to think every idea is a unique snowflake, not all are completely original. There’s always the chance we’re working on something similar, someone else pitches us with something similar, or the idea is one of those universal ideas that everyone and her grandma has thought of. So Candivan is not responsible if any similar ideas that happen to be used.

We want to help the film community and the filmmakers, though, and we would never intentionally steal anyone’s idea.

Will I get paid if I’m a winner?

We would love to shower you with riches; however, right now Candivan is a bunch of people passionate about an idea. We can not compensate you like I’m sure you deserve to be now.

So if you win, you would be a Candivan volunteer showrunner at the beginning. You’ll have a deferred payment, conditional on us being profitable. But if we get showrunners like you who work hard and deliver amazing scripts, the odds of that happening is so much higher.

How Low do you mean by Low- Budget?

We mean low. A lot depends on the how the Kickstarter will go, so we're hoping for more, but right now plan for as low as 1-3k per episode. I know it's hard to estimate this (especially if you're not a filmmaker), and we will have producers that are magicians at working with low-budgets, but just make sure there's no exploding war tanks that the plot depends upon.

Should I or should I not be part of the Writer’s Guild of America to submit?

For right now, since Candivan is not a signatory to the WGA, we can only take writers who are not members of the WGA. OR if you are a member, you must be willing to waive your Guild benefits. This will change this eventually, but for right now, dem the brakes.

Can I submit multiple ideas?

Yes, but we know someone of you have more ideas than we have seconds in the day, so we ask that each submitter limits him or herself to two submissions.

Can I have a writing partner or team?

Of course. In fact, we encourage it. It will make it much easier for you to create the scripts, and the writing process can be so much rewarding when full teams are taking the ideas on.

You might commission a writing team later on, or feel free to list additional members if you have them now. We’ll also help supply some additional articles on working with writing teams.

I don’t want to be the Showrunner, but I have an idea. Can I still submit?

Ideas are great, but they’re not worth much without someone turning them into a script. We suggest finding a writing partner who can help fulfill these responsibilities if you have that big knockout idea. Even better, get a writing team.

When will I know the status of my Pitch?

We’re extremely busy right now, and we’ll try to get back to everyone, but nobody’s perfect. Let’s ballpark that if you don’t hear from us by October 28th, it probably didn’t happen. But we’d love for you to pitch more ideas to us in the future. Or submit pilots you’ve created to our site when it’s fully running.