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talented writerS & filmmakerS...

Are you sick of that constant uphill climb, chasing the hope that your script gets optioned or show gets made? Are you talented, but undiscovered?Is your work considered too unconventional? Have Candivan produce your web television series! 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for: talented writers who take risks with style, format, subject-matter, story, or character. We also like: forward-thinking storytellers exploring challenging themes of sexuality, race, drug experiences, or [insert an ambitious idea here]. We also want: dark themes explored with humor, or anything that is plain funny & clever.

Since we're working on a shoestring budget, we're not looking for ideas that need fancy SFX and CGI planets. We're looking for fresh ideas and stories that have not been told before. 

What is the process?

We are currently accepting pitches! The deadline for pitches is October 18 2017. We will then review and shortlist the top pitches. If your pitch is shortlisted, we'll ask for a more information and a few pages of a sample script. From there, we will select the best scripts and we'll do a video interview. So, it will go:

Round 1: Submit Pitch by October 18, 2017
Round 2: Submit Sample Script
Round 3: Video/In-person Interview (depending on location).

If your script is selected after the interview, we will produce two 12-38 minute episodes and stream them on the Candivan site. If Candivan viewers love your show, we will produce a whole season of 10 episodes. And maybe even beyond.

Does this sound f***ing exciting to you? Pitch your show in the application below!

For more information on how the process works read our FAQ.