Produce one of

our in-house shows


  • Are you talented but not recognized?

  • Do you need a cool project to prove how good a producer you are?

  • Are you tired of not getting picked up by a network or of having your show lost in the vast ocean of YouTube?

  • Do you deserve a budget for your work?

  • Are your artistic talents going to waste?

Cideshow is launching this December &
we need producers!

Cideshow is a new social streaming platform for creator-centric web television series. This summer we plan to launch with a catalog of Cideshow Original Shows,  and we are already working with creator and producer teams! But we are not done.

We have several in-house shows we are going to make, and we need producers for them!

We have a list of several potential shows that you can produce. Each show starts with a low-budget; however, the most popular shows earn much higher budgets, and there’s the possibility to sell the show to a bigger network (you will be a 50% owner of your show).

Who We Are Looking For

Cideshow is looking for talented, experienced producers who can:

  • Work on a shoestring budget: we need producers who can make magic with a small budget. This might mean you’re great at striking deals or you plan to make beauty on an iPhone.

  • Get projects done: we need someone who has enough discipline and drive to follow through with the project. People who are serious about their dream.

  • Risk takers: we want producers who want to create great art and who are willing to take creative risks .


The Process

  1. Apply below

  2. We will follow-up with all applicants.

  3. If we’re a match, we’ll have a video meeting and talk about the potential in-house shows you could produce.

  4. You will produce the first couple episodes of the show

  5. After these episodes are completed, we will put them up on our site.

  6. If the show is renewed for additional episodes (as decided by Cideshow subscribers), we hope that you continue making episodes.

Does this sound f***ing exciting to you? Apply to be a producer below!

For more information on how the process works read our FAQ.