Chris is the Founder of Cideshow. He is a Bay Area filmmaker, producer, improviser, and teacher. In 2010 he co-founded Endgames Improv, San Francisco’s most popular comedy improv company. He is also a creator and a player in the Bay Area’s sell-out improv show Your F****ked Up Relationship which has been running every Friday for the past six years. He is the creator of several film productions, including the web series, Tragedy Club. He also currently teaches at Endgames Improv and at UC Berkeley. Some of his favorite shows include Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Master of None, The Wire, Seinfeld, Black Mirror, and Nathan for You.

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Joel Lopez

Joel is a filmmaker originally from Puerto Rico. In 2015, Joel attended Texas Southern University where he completed a Bachelors’ of Arts Degree in Radio, Television and Film, follow by the competition of a Masters’ degree in Film Directing from Campus Universitario Europeo (CUE) in Spain and a Doctoral degree in Film Directing from American Andragogy University (AAU) in Hawaii.  He has made many short films, including “Wasted Chances” and “Camelia.” Joel’s favorite artists are Georges Méliès, Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Mario Moreno (Cantinflas), and Cecil B DeMille .


Jessica Yeh

Jessica is a filmmaker, producer, and actor based in San Francisco. Loving all things creative, she can sometimes also be found composing music or painting. Having graduated from U.C. Berkeley with minors in Theater and Music, she is also an alumni of American Conservatory Theater’s (A.C.T.) Summer Training Congress. With experience working in theater, film, and commercial work, she's excited to help talented writers, storytellers, and makers of things launch their web television series! 


Austen Eberhardt

Austen Eberhardt – Austen is a writer, filmmaker, and occasional student with an eye for anything interesting. He has years of experience writing and editing scripts, working on set (from running the camera to blocking scenes to getting coffee), and video editing with Final Cut Pro software. His favorite shows include Twin Peaks, Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Justified, The Wire, and Fargo. He’s currently based out of St. Paul, Minnesota.