Indiegogo, here we come!


Awww yeah! Finally it’s here! In less than a month we are going to be launching our Indiegogo campaign.

The question we’ve gotten a lot is “what the H E double goddamn hockey sticks is Candivan? And how is it different than the other streaming show sites out there?

The main thing that sets us apart is that aside from the fact that we lean towards edgy, experimental, and interactive content, we give equal opportunities to all creators, and the viewers are the ones who make the decisions, creating the first television meritocracy.


Hulu, Netflix, Prime are all great, but they’re not incredibly different from Network TV. It’s still producers making decisions, with money being the absolute bottom line. A lot is also lost when it’s an algorithm trying to determine the most lucrative content to go with.

Then there’s Youtube, which is fun, but flooded with BILLIONS of videos, ranging from good stuff to a six minute clip of a sink dripping. Also the talented creators don’t get any sort of help with what they make.

Candivan is the step in between: we have curated full length running series, but it’s you who gets to decide on everything.

You pick which shows get renewed. You pick which shows receive higher budgets. And once it’s up and running, potential showrunners pitch their ideas to you.

Every viewer of Candivan gets to be a micro-producer.

Edgy and Experimental

This helps ensure that you get original and edgy content that other networks aren’t putting out.

This is not only a network that will play great work from talented creators, but it will play great work that’s trying different things.  Instead of going with the tried-and-true tested stuff, Candivan encourages creators with new and experimental ideas to come forward.

We want to challenge the idea of what you think television is.

And we want the opportunity for these shows that become big on Candivan to get bought by bigger networks and to help change the television landscape for the better.

You get to play a role in shaping TV.


This interactivity will extend to ALL areas of Candivan. Like with the success of Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch,” there’s a lot of room for viewer play and customization .

Many of our shows will have interactive elements, where you get to play some sort of role in shaping them.

Candivan won’t be a platform where you only passively watch TV; it will be a platform where you get to be part of the experience.


If you ever had the dream of making your own TV show or being involved with one in some sort of way, Candivan wants to provide that possibility.

Getting a show made is a pain in the ass and involves so much luck.

A huge motivation of mine for starting Candivan was I wanted a place where anyone had the opportunity to make shows and earn a living off of it.

We give a far lower budget to produce a show than networks do, but it’s enough of one to create something. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to live their dreams.

And we have several levels of show  budget, so you can work towards your goals no matter where you’re currently at. We have top tier shows, which receive the highest budget, but we have low-budget show options too, which are more plentiful and a great way to get a start.

We also have starting point shows, where you can put your full-length series up, get tips, get help, get it seen by other filmmakers, and get a chance to advance to one of our Candivan original shows.

We also offer mentorship and help for all our creators, allowing for a platform everyone can grow on.


With any site that’s only aimed at creators, the biggest problem always is that there’s no audience. No one but other creators who want their shows seen are even going to stumble upon your show, so you’re creating it for essentially no one.

Candivan plans to take the wall out between creator and audience and have this be a platform where you will get support from an audience because they’re just as invested in your show as you are. Candivan isn’t just a platform for other creators, but it’s one new viewers can come to, have fun, and then discover and support your work.

Candivan aims to be a true launching pad for new shows.


As for networks, we’re going to have many shows that have been proven by our audiences and already have fanbases.

Ideally Candivan is a site you can view new cutting edge shows, and choose to buy them for your network.

Stay Tuned

This is something we’re very excited about, as this can help move us from the golden age of television to the interactive and the opportunity age.

We’ve got a lot more to come in the next few weeks, including the Candivan TV show, which is a documentary about the making of our crowdfunding campaign.

Stay tuned for more very soon, and in the meantime, follow us on Twitter and get more news and our free eBook here!