A dark comedy about sex and murder

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Hell yes! We have another show!

The Madams is a dark comedy about the misadventures of two sisters, Logan and Madison, as they attempt to run a secret escort service in Los Angeles. When Logan becomes a suspect in a murder at her former brothel, their new business and sisterly bond are tested.  

An underdog story never told before

“In The Madams, we fearlessly tackle taboo subject matter in a way that is honest and real,” the team behind the show told us. “As women of color, we aim to tell a story that is nuanced and complex about the daily lives of black women who do not live  in the most traditional manner.”

The team includes Kacy Owens, an actress and writer with numerous television and film credits, Alana Webster, who has worked behind the microphone on shows like Orange Is The New Black, Dear White People, S.W.A.T, and Queen Sugar, and Dean Milos, who produced, directed, and wrote the TV pilot Life Coach.

Help us turn a trick and allow Candivan to launch

“We hope to take this story from a web series to a television series,” the trio told us.

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