Candivan secures 5 original shows and champions the creator era

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Hey Candivaners! We’ve been pretty quiet––but it’s because we have been gearing up to launch our new streaming platform for dope indie webseries soon

We are excited to share we have secured five Candivan Original shows, which will be revealed over the coming weeks. We are stoked AF to be working with teams of talented creators on a range of fun and thought-provoking series including a comedy, a drama, a horror reboot, a sci-fi series, and an anthology drama.

We selected the shows from over a hundred submissions. Our final five were chosen because of their amazing scripts and genre diversity and because their shows align with Candivan’s vision: to stream fresh and experimental content that is taking risks with style, themes or production, and is still accessible to audiences.

Starting next week, we will drop trailers, creator interviews, and more–– so subscribe for updates!

The Creator Era

There is a ton of awesome television and episodic content out there today, and we are excited as viewers and filmmakers to be a part of this generation. Buuuuuut-–– there is an opportunity for more. The next big phase of television is the Creator Era.

As creators ourselves, we understand the challenges many filmmakers still face. True, online streaming sites have created more opportunities than ever. However many talented filmmakers will never be discovered because they don’t have the right connections, they’re not involved in network politics, or their stories are just too out there. For every great show like Breaking Bad, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Master of None, there are hundreds more just as good that will never see the light of day.

And so, we are building Candivan with creators at the forefront.

An Incubator for Creators

Our mission is to be a launching pad for many diverse, talented, and undiscovered creators, and a home for experienced creators to incubate their ideas, take risks with projects, and retain creative control.

In many ways the barriers to creating shows and films have been lowered. Creators are doing it on their own, and many have made a career on YouTube or have had their webseries picked up by HBO or Netflix. Our view is that the ocean is still vast and with a little structured help, a Candivan “boost”–– an open but curated selection process, a bit of financing, and a distribution platform–– will go a long way toward helping small and inventive creators do big things.

Our mission is to be the incubator of webseries.

The Viewers Decide

The other side of the equation is our viewers! Candivan aims to build an engaged community of subscribers––micro executive producers if you will. People who are passionate about great shows and the creators who make them. We want to empower these viewers with Candivan Candy, a currency you use to vote on which shows you want us to keep making. When a show gets a certain amount of votes, it gets picked up for additional episodes and seasons. With this, the power is completely in your hands.  

As sweet as algorithms can be (we do love many of Netflix’s personal recommendations), they favor our passive choices as viewers––and we are adamant that passive choices don’t always reflect our true tastes.

We believe an active audience that votes with currency and discusses the shows it loves, will guarantee the best shows get made. We think the thing that defines the internet is an interactive community, and we want to bring that social layer to our streaming platform.

Candivan is the Community

Candivan is about you. If you’ve ever had the dream of making a TV show distributed by an actual network, Candivan can give you that opportunity. If you are a viewer who wants to support diverse, forward-thinking creators, or has been disappointed when a great show, like Good Girls Revolt or Deadwood, gets canceled––get behind us.

We need your support to make Candivan happen! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (coming soon) . Most importantly, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on trailers, and the launch of our platform later this summer!   

We may be in the Golden Age of television, but let’s take it to the Creator Era.