Comedic story of female anti-hero to be the first Candivan Original Series


Brace yourselves, put your heads between your knees, and hold onto your butts! Candivan is announcing our first show: The Disappointing Life of Cassie Starr.

This comedy deals with big expectations and dashed hopes, and we are stoked to add it to our catalog of five Candivan Original series.

The team behind the series is all-star and has been part of shows, including Funny or Die and Epic Meal Time, and been involved with UCB Los Angeles, and more.

We can't wait for you to see this story of Cassie Starr a former star, who after moving back to her hometown, must decide what to do with her life. She used to be on TV. She used to be on Broadway. She was in two movies. But Cassie Starr is starting to realize that she’s no longer a star and maybe never was.

Yess! Women can be anti-heros too

The actress, writer, and comedian known best for her work on MTV’s Girl Code, Shalyah Evans is the delightful series lead who plays Cassie Starr. Shaylah is excited to explore and tell the story of a female anti-hero.

"Cassie’s ego should make her unlikable,” she told Candivan,  “but you still want her to succeed. I think it’s important to see women in that role. Not just the ingenue, or the villain, but as a complex person with flaws and unpleasantness who is still worthy of empathy and maybe some redemption."

It might be sad, but it’s true: disappointment is universal

We’ve all had moments in life when things just don’t work out the way they seem they should, right?

"Disappointment is just the other side of the coin of triumph,” says award-winning director and cinematographer Justin McAleece who is a creator and director of the show. “It’s going to not only be fun to see Cassie deal with that big old ball of emotion and comic landscape, but it will hopefully be cathartic for the audience as well. "

Fresno-- the next New York or Los Angeles?

We want to tell fresh stories that haven’t been told before, but remain universal and accessible to audiences. And we think this is one of those stories.

"Shooting in my home town of Fresno, a small(ish) town, I think a lot of the experiences and Fresno-specifics will be very relatable to a lot of people all over the country," says Scott Davis,  a creator and writer of the show, who has also worked on ton of funny shows, like The Nerdist, and is a writer, performer and director for the UCB Theatre.

“Having lived and worked in LA, one thing that will be fun in the show, will be using Fresno as its own character, like New York in Sex and the City or LA in Entourage or Dallas in Dallas (I assume. Never watched it).”

Watch out America, Fresno is going to be a star!

Don’t be disappointed, help Candivan launch!

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