Produce a show for Candivan

  • Are you talented but not recognized?

  • Do you need a cool project to prove how good a producer you are?

  • Are you tired of not getting picked up by a network or of having your show lost in the vast ocean of YouTube?

  • Do you deserve a budget for your work?

  • Are your artistic talents going to waste?


Candivan is a new social streaming platform for creator-centric web television series. Soon we plan to launch with a catalog of Candivan Original Shows,  and we are already working with creator and producer teams on five awesome shows! But we are not done.

We have a very cool Wild Card slot for a lucky sixth show! We had so many incredible scripts, that we decided to add a sixth original show - with a twist.

Before we launch the platform we are doing a Kickstarter Campaign in May 2018  to fund the launch of Candivan. And the sixth show slot will be decided by our Kickstarter donors. Donors will vote for their favorite of five teaser reels, and the winning teaser reel will be our Wild Card Show –– the sixth Candivan Original show that we launch with.

We need producers who want to produce a promotional teaser reel, and get a shot at being the sixth Candivan Original Show!



Candivan is looking for talented, experienced producers who can:

  • Work on a shoestring budget: we need producers who can make magic with a small budget. This might mean you’re great at striking deals or you plan to make beauty on an iPhone.

  • Get projects done: we need someone who has enough discipline and drive to follow through with the project. People who are serious about their dream.

  • Risk takers: we want producers who want to create great art and who are willing to take creative risks .



  1. We have five incredible scripts, ready to be produced.

  2. We will review producer applicants, and match the best producers with one of five shows to produce.

    • ***Important Note: you will not be a Candivan employee. You will be the actual owner of the show you’re producing. This means that you get the majority of profits and you have the ability to sell it to a bigger network.

  3. We will connect you with a Candivan Executive Producer to assist you and to be your contact.

  4. You will shoot a promotional teaser reel for the show, which will be featured in our Kickstarter Campaign in May 2018  alongside four other promotional teaser reels. Kickstarter donors will vote on their favorite show reel. See example of teaser reel here.

    • ***The goal is to sell the idea of the show and these promotional reels usually consist of: a short scene or potential images that will appear in the show, and creator interviews/pitch of their show.

  5. If your show receives the most votes, it gets the sixth Wild Card Slot.  Candivan will finance the first two episodes of it (production to begin in the early summer). If the show does not win the Wild Card slot, we will likely start production on it on a later date or offer you a different project.

  6. If the show is renewed for additional episodes (as decided by Candivan subscribers), we ask that you continue making the shows for at least a completed first season (of around ten episodes). And if we all want, even beyond.



By applying you agree that you will be available and able to commit to these dates and deadlines:

  • Promotional Teaser Reel (1.5 - 2.5 minutes): To be completed by the start of May

  • Episodes of the Winning Wild Card Show: To be filmed in the end of Spring/ beginning of Summer 2018

  • Non-Winning Shows: To be Determined


Does this sound f***ing exciting to you? Apply here.