Confronting the ugly: a great show isn’t always easy to watch

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One of Candivan’s main missions is to take on challenging themes, to confront the ugly, to learn from the bad, and to make progress as humans.

And nothing demonstrates this more than our fourth original show, Assault, created by Jana Godshall. Assault is an anthology series that examines different kinds of assaults & the consequences these aggressions have on individuals, families and society. 

Positive change

“It's great that we've seen more activism movements for equality and safety in our news coverage,” Jana told us, “and I hope that by adding yet another narrative (in a different medium) for people to connect to, we can further help create positive change.”  

Jana's been nominated and won several awards for both short-form & feature-length screenplays (from film festivals & writing competitions). She has worked for several studios, including Disney and Nickelodeon.

Pulled from real events and stories

“The episodes are inspired by true events,” says Jana. “The assaults I wanted to focus on are from stories people have shared with me as well as injustices I have witnessed.”

This show is for people brave enough to face terrifying and realistic things. To both look at the scary things we’ve gone through, and to look at the ugly parts of ourselves that hurt others.

If we don’t see the full story, it can’t have a happy ending.

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