Fresh talent and a few tarot cards


Here we are! It’s that time again. Candivan is announcing its next show: Intuition.

We are ecstatic to add this sci-fi comedy that speaks to many diverse social issues to our catalog of five Candivan Original Series. We are collaborating with a writer/ producer team, who have a great story to tell.

Intuition follows the misadventures of Viv, a young psychic living in the heart of the city. She meets a med student and a recently-bankrupted heiress, and together they score thousands of dollars in a gambling racket. But tensions between them threaten to topple the operation before it becomes an empire.

Shaking laryngitis and having a voice

One of our main goals at Candivan is to give voices to everyone. We want to create a rich film world, where the most talented writers come to the top. And when we saw Chris Courtney Martin’s script, we knew that she had something original and cool to say.

"I hope to pay tribute to working-class people of color,” Chris, who is a multi-award-winning screenwriter from Philadelphia, told us. “We're kind of a forgotten entity in the current political sphere, on both sides of the aisle.”

Making inclusive content

“We intend to create an environment where artists can come and be the best versions of themselves,” Nasir Kenneth Ferebee, the co-showrunner, says. “We are excited to make our show because we love the process of working, creating, employing people, and making content that is inclusive.”

Nasir began his career with internships at the Philadelphia Film Office, MTV, and TeenNick. While becoming one of New York's top television producers, he also worked for companies such as The Oprah Winfrey Network, Bravo, and WeTv. He is now based in LA and making various film, television shows, and web content.

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